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Speaking With the Lord

A prayer booklet dedicated for the elderly and sick people

"Lord, I offer You my life, my love, my joys and my challenges, accept this offering. 

May the light of faith enlighten our days, Lord.

May joy and hope comfort us, Lord.

May peace and charity fill our lives, Lord.

When called to You, welcome us, Lord.

For having listened our prayer, we say: Thank You, Lord."

Prayer "Lord accept this offering", p. 28.

Morning and Evening Prayer

Suitable for adults of all ages

"Lord Jesus, teach me to be generous,

to serve, for you are worthy,

to give without counting the cost,

to fight without the fear of being wounded,

to work without seeking the rest,

to devote myself without expecting any other reward than that of knowing that I am doing your holy will."

Prayer: "Lord, teach me", p. 23.

Prayer booklet Morning and Evening Praye
Prayer booklet JESUS MY FRIEND.jpg

Jesus my Friend

For children in catechisis, preparing for First Communion

"Jesus, you gave me good parents.

I thank you for my family.

My parents are together and they love me.

Help my little sister not to get sick and for my parents never to separate.


Martin, 8 years old"

Prayer "Family", p. 30.

I confide in Him

For youths preparing for Confirmation and in the teens

"How can I forgive? It is so difficult.

How can you ask me to forgive?
Help me, Lord.
I can't forget the pain that was inflicted upon me.
I have a broken, wounded and bleeding heart.
Bring me peace and calm the storm.
Give me a little of your strength; without you, I will never make it.


- Nathalie, 13 years old"

Prayer "How to forgive?", p. 17.

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