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The Baillairgé Foundation is a registered charity

whose objective is to aid in the training of priests.

Helping a seminarian 

Many youths dream of becoming priests but cannot do so because of a lack of financial resources.

In the poorest countries, there are numerous vocations, but rare are the families that can bear the financial burden of the training of a seminarist. In Africa, one year at the Grand Seminary costs nearly $1,000 canadian dollars. In India, this amount is close to $2,000 CAD. In Canada, this amount can be as high as $25,000 per year.


The Baillairgé Foundation’s mission is to help in the education of priests. Each year, more than 50 priests are ordained in Africa, India, Central America, and in Canada thanks to the support of the benefactors.


The Baillairgé Foundation offers, during 5 years, a grant of $500 per year to candidates for the priesthood. For a Canadian seminarist, this amount is $1,000. This amount allows them to greatly reduce the financial burden of their studies.

Have you always wanted a priest in your family ?


Your dream could become reality. As of now, you can sponsor a young seminarist who will pray for you throughout his studies. The Baillairgé Foundation will pair you with a candidate and you will receive a letter of introduction and a photo of him. Then you will receive annual correspondence, to give you news of their progress, until his Presbyterial ordination. You may also correspond with him through The Baillairgé Foundation, if you so desire.

How to do it ?

There are multiple ways to help a seminarian:

  • One-time donation of $2,500 $ for financing all 5 years of study

  • Donation of $500 per year, for 5 years

  • Gift of $50 per month, for 5 years

  • Any other donation

If you are unable to assume the entire sponsorship, we will combine your donation with a group of benefactors.

Click on the button below "Help a seminarian". You will be redirected to the CanadaHelps website. Choose the option "Help a seminarian", then make your donation online, and that's it!

Sponsor a seminarian ENG WEB.jpg
Ancre 1

Offering Mass intentions

The Baillairgé Foundation allows you to offer Mass intentions. Offering a Mass for a loved one, living or deceased, is a source of grace. These masses are celebrated by priests working abroad. In addition to praying for your intentions, it provides them with a small income that makes all the difference in their ministry. 

Testimony of Fr. Michel Allaire, missionary priest in Burkina Faso, Africa
p3 P Michel Allaire 1.jpg

"Thanks to your Mass intentions, I can pay for my transportation to celebrate the Eucharist in the 50 bush chapels of our parish. This money also allows me to go into villages to find water sources for these people who are sorely lacking. In addition, I have set up an "emergency fund": for example, to help people who cannot afford health care. I also support some children in their studies. Most of all, I help gardeners who want to have seeds or fences for their vegetable garden.



The delivery of Mass intentions is a big support, both for the spiritual good and for the material needs of our adopted people. On behalf of the numerous beneficiaries of Mass Intentions, I am happy to express my recognition to you and that of the people here."

Why offer a Mass intention ?

The Catholic Church has always recognized the value of offering a Mass intention to a deceased person. The Catechism of the Catholic Church recommends this practice in the following way :


"From the beginning the Church has honored the memory of the dead and offered prayers in suffrage for them, above all the Eucharistic sacrifice, so that, thus purified, they may attain the beatific vision of God." (CCC. # 1032)


"The Eucharistic sacrifice is also offered for the faithful departed who 'have died in Christ but are not yet wholly purified,' so that they may be able to enter into the light and peace of Christ" (CCC. # 1371)

The importance of offering a mass for a person is not limited to the deceased. It is just as rewarding to offer a Mass for a living person. Whether on the occasion of hardship or sickness, to beg for Divine protection on a loved one, or in thanksgiving for good deeds done, the sacrifice of the Mass is the perfect place to ask God for blessings on our loved ones. So why wait until a person has passed away before offering him such a gift?

How to do it ?

Click on the button below "Offer a Mass Intention". You will be redirected to the site Choose the option "Mass Intentions". Enter your Mass intentions, then make your donation online, and that's it !

prêtre eucharistie messe célébration
prêtre messe célébration eucharistique
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The Works of The Baillairgé Foundation

The Baillairgé Foundation supports multiple missionnary and humanitarian projects in some of the poorest countries. As an example, in 2019, 9 wells were dug in Burkina Faso (Africa), thanks to the financing of The Baillairgé Foundation. 

Oeuvre creusage puits Afrique 3
sécheresse Afrique Puits

Parched edrth, waiting for the rainy season.

After many hours of drilling,

the water vein is found.

creusage Puits Afrique Burkina Faso

In many villages the women had to walk for more than an hour to access safe drinking water. They now have water close by, to fulfill the needs of their family. In all, more than 5,000 people benefit from it.

Oeuvre creusage puits Afrique 4

A new garden is cultivated by the villagers,

supplied by a new well.

oeuvre creusage puits Afrique 2

Children amazed by the water

that springs from the earth.

Ancre 3
Ancre 4

Supporting a missionnary priest

Finally, you can make an offering to support a missionary priest. Your donation allows him to set up pastoral projects in his mission parish. The needs are numerous, and the resources are very limited. The priests in mission often encounter misery in all its forms. Your gift allows them to share with those who need it most.

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